Connector and Cable Customization

Custom Design Connectors in Industries such as Industrial PC, E-Mobility, Consumer Electronics, and Electronic Textiles:

These products are a collaborative work with our customers to help solve connector challenges they are facing. Challenges could range from electrical, mechanical, and/or environmental performances and restrictions. With experienced engineers in all sectors of the manufacturing process (stamping, injection molding, tooling, and automation), we can oversee all process of a connector from concept design to final production. 

Over the past few years, our team has consulted and design connectors specifically used in the E-Mobility, Industrial PC, Consumer Electronics, and the Electronic Textiles industry. We hope to expand into more industries in the future years and welcome all kinds of challenges and projects relating  to connector design.  

Please view our custom products below as examples of our capabilities. 

Battery Connector TP1251

Battery Connector TU2019

E-Bike Battery Connector 

E-Bike System

Float Connector